Anonymous call boycott on World Cup

Anonymous, an international network of activists and hacktivists, have announced via YouTube that they will release an operation within 48 hours of the World Cup starting; campaigning against the corruption of FIFA, the Brazilian Government and sponsors of the tournament.

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brazil7Anonymous are a group who have become renowned for their ‘hacktivism’ activities, which often act as a form of protest against commercial institutions, Government agencies and other entities. Their most well-known campaigns include shutting down the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency website as well as hacking the Sony PlayStation Network, causing the online servers to be down for over 2 weeks. Also most recently they set up a campaign protesting about net neutrality, with the operation being named #NETSTORM.

These acts resulted in a huge increase in followings for the anarchic movement, showing that the force of the masses is well and truly present. This has led to their name becoming feared by Governments and corporations from around the globe. And with them set to initiate an operation against the World Cup, the international body of football and everyone else involved should be expecting the deserved repercussions from their actions relating Brazil 2014.

Although it is unclear what the actual operation will involve, on the video they highlighted key issues such as Brazil’s economic stability, police brutality, sexual exploitation, slavery and the ongoing poverty experienced. As well as questioning why the Government has not invested in education and hospitals, and mentioning that FIFA have already attempted to suppress the truth by causing the disappearance of many union groups just prior to the games.

The video also mentions about the deaths caused from building the stadia used and how FIFA have used barriers to prevent the media from reporting on the true scale of deaths caused by the World Cup in Brazil.

We will have to wait until the tournament kicks off until we will find out to what extent the group will go to apprise the truth to the public about FIFA and everyone else involved. Whatever approach the group to do take, we will be supporting it. The 2014 World Cup has resulted in the people of Brazil being abused, and when they have tried to speak up and apprise the truth they have been oppressed by FIFA and Government agencies, acting in the interest of the elite rather than that of the majority. This is not acceptable.


We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We never forgive.
We never forget.
Expect us, very soon.




2 thoughts on “Anonymous call boycott on World Cup

    1. Thanks, im glad you found it interesting. And yeah i agree not enough people are aware of the corruption of Fifa and how it has affected Brazil.

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